What to buy in bakery?

What to buy in bakery?

What to Buy in a Bakery

This is your first day in Paris, after leaving your luggage in your hotel and freshening up, the first thing you will probably do is enter the bakery closest to you. Bakeries are everywhere, all of them are good and tasty, but once inside you might feel a bit overwhelmed with the choice. If you want to still have time to visit the city and its amazing sights, we invite you to join us on our parisian breakfast and bike tour, but first, please have a look at this small list of the must eat viennoiseries you will easily find in here.

Butter Croissant

The classic, the cliché that’s a cliché for a reason. How to visit France without tasting a butter croissant? The star of French pastries is actually of Austrian origin. 

Under the domain of the Ottomans, the inhabitants would make crescent-shaped loaves (the symbol of Islam) to upset the Muslim invaders and they would then, send them to the enemies over the fortifications. Many years later, our eventually beheaded queen Marie-Antoinette imported the recipe, and soon France declared itself the creator of the croissant. 

PS: in the bakery they will offer you croissants with or without butter, I will not tell you which one to get because it goes without saying…

Pain au Chocolat

This one is the source of an endless civil war between the North and the South of France. Called chocolatine in the South, Paris and the North prefer to baptize it with its real name “Pain au Chocolat”, a square croissant filled with chocolate that on the first bite will melt your heart like when you kissed for the first time your first crush at school.

Raisin Bread (Pain aux raisins)

To complete the winning trio, the raisin bread is a sure choice, present on a baker’s stall since the beginning of time. It’s something you’ll never order, but that you can be sure it will be there waiting for you. According to some French people they are even the forbidden fruit that Eve ate in the Garden of Eden. Circular in shape, stuffed with raisins and cream, this pastry is generally underappreciated by children but the favorite of many parents.

Apple Turnover (Chausson Aux Pommes) 

I may not be objective with this one but it’s probably the best thing you will eat in your life! It is a little difficult to describe with words, it is to pastry what Michelangelo is to painting, what Queen is to music. Imagine a mini calzone pizza, made of puff pastry, and inside… applesauce! 

Each bite is an orgasm of freshness and sweetness.

Swiss Bread

The epitome of fat. Imagine a brioche filled with very thick pastry cream, it fills the stomach just thinking about it. However, these perverse bakers add chocolate chips to make you feel even more guilty. Long time favorite of kids, the swiss bread is usually the smartest move on a cold day to give your body the energy necessary to wait for lunch or dinner.

Why not almond croissants?

If you are willing to pay more for a croissant unsold from the day before, to which we add sugar and almonds to make it great again, then enjoy this pastry and make your baker rich by saving the planet from waste.

Remember that in France fat is life, butter is life, so welcome to a dangerous and delicious country.

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